Monday, 8 April 2013

Karl for Shu Prestigious Bordeaux Palette

From the very first press release of the collaboration between Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld, I was darn excited! But then I could only see swatches online because Shu Uemura isn't available in Germany. I know few online shops that sell Shu Uemura, but for such a high price, I prefer to see it directly. 
On my trip to Jakarta, I visited some Shu Uemura counters there, but they only had the smokey velvet palette which contains some green shades. I wanted the bordeaux palette because It would be more wearable for me. 
I didn't give up and continued my search in Singapore. I visited 2 Shu Uemura counters there but failed to spot the Bordeaux Palette. So I thought maybe it wasn't destined for me. But you know what? On my last day in Singapore, I was browsing in the duty free at Changi airport,waiting for my flight and I suddenly spotted the Bordeaux palette!!!  To make it even better, it was sold for 56 SGD ( approx. 35€ !! ) such a steal, I'd say.

Look at the packaging!!!! a piece of art!

The palette comes in a really nice artsy design. The palette is super well made and sturdy. I'd pay the price even only for the packaging. It also comes with a built in mirror on the shape of the Mon Shu girl. So cute!!

Now to the product itself!
The palette comes with 5 eye shadows and 1 blush. The eye shadows are all shimmery and glittery. If you are not a fan of shimmery eye shadows, I won't recommend this palette for you, because it contains MUCH glitters. The pigmentation, I must say, is on the sheer side but you can still build up the intensity. The texture is not as smooth as I expected, esp on the glittery shades like the gold and purple ones, they are quite flaky, but still each individual eye shadow is beautiful.
What I find very interesting is, this palette contains 1 blush shade. It is a pinky red shade with a bit of gold glitters. The texture of the blush is smooth and velvety, the opposite of the flaky eye shadows. The pigmentation is great, so you def have to be light handed on application. 

Quality wise, I must say I am a bit disappointed. I had high expectation with Shu Uemura products, but this one didn't really impress me. I love the packaging and the fact that I have this on my collection, but I expected more on the quality side. 


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