Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fake Up

This product has been getting so many hype recently, just right after the launching. Concealer is something I don't usually attract to. I have in total only 2 concealers on my stash, the Maybelline FIT ME concealer which I use literally every day and the Catrice concealer correcting palette which I barely use. In comparison to other make up items like lipsticks, foundations, blushes and eye shadows that I have A LOT, concealer is clearly not my fave thing on earth.

Thank God I don't suffer a lot from dark heavy under eye area. I do have some area to cover under my eyes, but nothing really bad. So when I let my eye brow waxing done at the Benefit counter in Galeries Lafayette Berlin, the lovely Benefit SA ; Steffi applied this fake up hydrating concealer on my under eye area and I loved it!! So there you go.

Isn't the packaging beautiful? I really love the hexagon 'box' though I managed to throw the box away because I don't have any space left for unused boxes in my tiny apartment. 
My shade is the lightest shade available.

The concealer comes in a silver bullet, just like a lipstick.

Fake up comes in a stick form with a concealer in the middle and the hydrating balm wrapped around the concealer in a stick form. The texture is more like a lip balm I must say, but it is not sticky at all. It glides on really smoothly on my skin without being overly greasy.

Bare Face

With BB Cream + 1 swipe fake up

With BB Cream + Fake Up blended

For all of you who need much coverage on your under eye area, this is not a product for you. The coverage is minimal, mainly because of the hydrating balm 'part'. As I have mentioned above, I am lucky that I don't really have problem with my under eye area, so the coverage is just fine for me. Whenever I need extra coverage, I just apply 2 -3 swipes so it gets more opaque. 
The staying power is great, it stayed on for 6-7 hours before needed to be touched up. 
Fake Up doesn't get cakey on my skin. I have so far, only tried to apply it after foundation which works really well. But Rae from Raeviewer  said that she loves to apply it before foundation. Interesting!

update : I tried to apply it before any foundation and it worked even better. It brightened up the skin even more and it blended more smoothly.

One thing that I am concerned about, is that it uses up pretty quick. I barely have this for a week when this picture above was taken, and almost 0.5cm of product used. Maybe it means that I will have to buy the new one pretty soon!

Have you tried Benefit Fake Up?


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