Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Paul & Joe Pressed Powder UV

I am always a fan of Paul&Joe beauty line as they always have the cutest packaging and also excellent quality. I recently bought a face powder from the brand with a very beautiful packaging, and I have to admit I got it because of the packaging and  didn't really do a some research beforehand.
So I was disappointed to see that the powder has some glitter particles.

The packaging, as you can see is very beautiful. I love tiger and I don't like cats ( I never find cats cute. lol ) so It annoys me that Paul&Joe often releases cats theme packaging ( well I know that tigers are basically giant cats. hahaha ), so when I saw the tiger, I just couldn't resist.
The powder itself has some micro glitter particles. The glitters are easily spotted on the pan as you can see on the picture. Though when it is applied, the glitters are not really visible to be honest and it gives a subtle glow to the face but still there are few glitters to be seen on the face which I am not a fan of.
Despite of the glitters, the powder has very soft and smooth texture. The powder is finely milled and not dusty/powdery. It works well to set the foundation if I could ignore the glitters. The powder is also mildly scented with Paul&Joe trademark scent which I find very nice.

The glitters annoy me so much and It is sold as pressed UV Powder not a highlighter so I don't really get it why they put glitters on it. The powder alone is a very nice one. It provides a flawless finish without looking cakey or too much.
I am now using the powder as body powder for the decolette and arms because it is just too pretty to toss away.


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