Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir

A lot of people rave about the new Maybelline color elixir. They even got compared a lot with the Dior Fluid Sticks so I was excited to spot them during my trip to Jakarta last month.

There were only 4 shades available at Maybelline counters in Jakarta. I wanted to get them all but there was a very pale peachy shade that didn't look good on me at all so I picked up the other 3 shades.
Maybelline Color Elixir supposed to be the new lip gloss from Maybelline. Maybelline claims it to be a lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm all in 1. It is another player in the hybrid lippie games together with Dior Fluid Sticks, Lancome Lip Lover, YSL glossy stain, etc etc. It was love at the first application between me and the Color Elixir.. It applies very smooth and has a little tingling sensation ( if you're familiar with lip plumper.. ), it feels very comfortable and balmy on the lips and applies evenly. The formula is rich yet lightweight, soft and watery but in no way slippery. 
The pigmentation varies depends on the color. The lighter colors have sheer but buildable pigmentation yet the deeper shade is way more pigmented. 
They don't feel sticky on the lips even though after 2-3 hours they can feel a bit tacky but nothing compare to the super sticky YSL glossy stain. They come in a beautiful sleek packaging, for the affordable price, Maybelline really did a good job. They also come with a leaf shaped doe foot applicator which applies products evenly to the lips. 
The finish is very shiny and watery, so gorgeous! I can't stop looking at my lips because they look so juicy, plump and shiny. The shine and glossy coat fade after 2-3 hours and the lighter colors do disappear after 3 hours but the deeper shade stains the lips afterward. They are quite hydrating as well and don't dry up my lips. 

The shades available in Jakarta have different names as the shades sold in the US, here are the shades I picked up :
#GLAM2 - Glam 2 is a peachy coral shade. It has a tiny tiny tiny golden particles but they are not visible on the lips. Glam 2 is a very lovely shade and I love it the most among the 3 colors I bought.
#POP5 - Pop 5 is a medium berry pink. It has no shimmer particles and works well to top over pink lipsticks.
#GLAM 6 - Glam 6 is a deep magenta with a hint of purple. It is very pigmented but it can be sheer out for less 'vamped up' look. 

Overall, I think the Color Elixir from Maybelline are nice new additions for the drugstore as alternatives to the higher end similar products. Formula wise, they are very very similar to the Dior Fluid Sticks, only the Fluid Sticks are a little wee bit lighter in texture because they are water based and the Fluid Sticks have prettier packaging. But in terms of the finish, consistency and performance, they are almost identical. So if you want to save some money, I don't see a point in spending €35 on Dior when you can get almost similar product for ca. €5.

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Elixir?

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