Sunday, 13 July 2014

It's Judy Time!

Do you watch It's Judy Time on youtube? I do watch her beauty videos and occasionally her daily blog. Few months ago, she teamed up with bhcosmetics to create eyeshadow palette. I saw her using it daily on her vlogs and I must say I liked how she created a lot of different looks with the palette. A friend of mine was on a euro trip and we met a day in Berlin, she brought me this palette all the way from the US :-)

The palette comes in a sleek black card board packaging. I am not really a fan of card board packaging, but this one is appropriate for the price. It is slim and sleek as well so it is not space consuming. It also has a built in mirror inside which is good if you want to carry it for traveling ( Just beware of the not so sturdy card board packaging! ).
The palette comes with 12 shades varied from matte-satin-duo chrome to shimmery. However, the texture and quality of the shadows are inconsistent. The first row eyeshadows are lack in pigmentation and need multiple layers to get opaque, even eye shadow primer didn't really help. The second layer though, applied better and more pigmented. They are powdery and have a lot of fall out so have to be careful with application. 

#1 is a matte ivory beige shade which I supposed meant to be a blending shade, too bad the pigmentation is barely there.

#2 is a matte nude camel brown, the consistency and texture is similar to #1, chalky, powdery and pressed to hard I literally need to scrap it with my brush to get the color.

#3 is a satin version of #2 I'd say. The pigmentation is poor but the texture is a little softer than #1 and #2.

#4 is a reddish plum shade with satin finish. It is a very nice shade but again, the pigmentation is not very good. It is the sheer version of MAC Cranberry.

#5 is burgundy shade with satin finish. The shade is similar to #4 but a tad deeper. 

#6 is dark plum shade with satin finish. It has softer texture and better pigmentation than the other 5 shades on the first row.

#7 is a peachy choper shade with frosty - shimmery finish. It is similar to MAC sable, UD Toasted. The pigmentation is good and it applies smoothly.

#8 is my favorite shade in this palette. It is a frosty burgundy shade. 

#9 is very dark purple with pink shimmers. It has duo chrome effect, very beautiful shade but it is rather chalky and rough in texture.

#10, #11, #12 all blue shades, range from frosty to satin finish. #10 is a frosty periwinkle blue. I've been wearing it a lot on my lower lash line as it is too blue to be worn on my upper lids. #11 and #12 are blue jeans shades. I haven't tried them on the lids because I just don't know how to wear blue. They always look weird against my complexion.

Overall, I like the color selection on this palette, though I wish Judy put less blue shades ( my personal preference ). But I have seen her looks using the blue shades on this palette and they all look gorgeous on her!
The quality is unfortunately barely there. The eyeshadows are mostly chalky, powdery and lack in pigmentation. It took me minimum 3 layers to achieve the pigmentation on my hand swatches above. They perform better on the lids though, but I have to scrap the product with my eye brushes to get pigmentation. Staying power is okay over primer and they don't crease or move around. 
The palette is currently on sale for $9,99 instead of $20 on bhcosmetics website. 


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