Friday, 11 July 2014

Lowndes Square and a little chat

I have a thing for mauve and grayish nail polish. I don't care how similar they all look, I still keep buying similar shades #1stworldproblem. 
Lowndes Square is my first nail polish from Nails inc.  I managed to get it for a very cheap price from a blog sale. 

Lowndes Square is a mauve-y grey shade that has different hues depends on the light. It looks more grey under direct sun light and looks more lavender-mauve under artificial light. 
It applies smoothly and pigmented. One coat is enough but I am used to always apply 2 coats of nail polish so I applied 2 coats to make it more opaque. 
The color is not the most unique one but I really like it. It is a color subtle enough that I can wear to work but also not 'boring' for summer. 
It dried pretty quick and didn't chip on me for 4 days ( topped with Essence better than gel nails top coat ). The formula was not too thick or too thin and applied smoothly. 

Anyway, how are you guys?? I am now well adjusted to my hectic life in Berlin after my last month holiday. It is stressful here but I told myself to enjoy as much as I could the ( most probably ) my last 18 months in Berlin as I am planning to go home for good by the end of next year. I am having exam week, 1 exam done, 2 more to come.  I should have been learning more for exams but world cup has been distracting me most of the time. lol
As a football fan, I barely miss any matches but I am so sad that England didn't make it through the group elimination.. :-// But Germany goes to final!! woohoo!
Aside of the world cup, the summer sale season has made my financial balance this month being very unbalanced lol. To make it worse, I had so many birthdays in June and 2 upcoming birthdays in July of my sister and mom! So I've been busy buying birthday gifts ( and few cheeky purchases for me me me :P ).

Have you planned anything for the upcoming summer holiday?? I will go on a euro trip with my family to Holland, Paris , Rome and Vatican which I am already very excited about!! 
Have any of you been to Rome before?? Any insider tips? this would be my first trip to Rome and I can hardly wait xD

Sorry for the chatty post! But I really enjoy talking to you! :-D

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