Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Diffused Light

Yes, finally this very hyped powder is mine. Thanks to Sephora US that now ships to Germany, I can buy some products that were not available in Germany before.
I was not sure which shade to order, but after some researches on the internet, I decided to get Diffused Light because I really want a finishing powder, not a highlighter or a bronzer ( that's why I didn't get the palette ).

direct sunlight

artificial light

Well to be honest, I don't really know where to begin.. I bought this powder 100% out of curiosity. I have heard and read so many positive reviews, yet I also read some not so positive review of the Ambient Lighting Powder series in general ( e.g from Sleepandwater and lovely Karima ) so I did anticipate it to be something out of my expectation. I was skeptical anyway since a lot of people say that it illuminates the skin and somewhat 'highlighting' which I am not a fan of. As much as I love how highlighters look on other people, I just don't like how they look on me. I have tried Benefit high beam, The Balm Marylouminizer, NARS Albatros, etc etc but none of them that I liked. I found that highlighters tend to enhance my pores.
Diffused Light - unfortunately didn't perform like I wanted it to be. It could be me who misinterpreted the main purpose of this powder, but seriously I just couldn't get myself to like it. The powder set my foundation BUT it accentuated my pores and looked cakey and heavy on my skin no matter how little or light handed I applied the product. I tried any possible methods to apply it but none really worked out the way I wanted to. The only way  that I liked was to apply it to set my under eye concealer and apply it on the upper cheek bones as a 'satin  finish highlighter'. But I mean, I could get away without it on my daily make up routine. I didn't get it that people claimed it to blur out any lines, pores and imperfections, because what it did to me was to enhance all those things I prefer not to be visible. It looked the worst under direct sun light, it looked like my face is a dimmed disco ball and since it is now summer here and we get sun light until 10 pm , this powder is not the best candidate to set my foundation.
Aside of my personal preference, this powder is no doubt a good product. It has good pigmentation, nice smooth and soft texture and finely milled. The packaging is sturdy and well made despite of the finger print crazy surface, I  quite like the packaging.

PS  ; I was surprised to see how nice it ended up looking in photos, because they certainly didn’t feel that way when worn..

Have you tried any of this powder from Hourglass?

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