Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Poppy Red

One of my favorite lipstick formula ever is the lip cover from Burberry. I have only 2 lipsticks from the range but I fell in love with them and use them regularly. So when I heard that they were bringing new lipstick range called Burberry Kisses to replace their Lip Cover lipsticks I was on the fence of being excited and sad because my favorite lipstick range ever is discontinued. But then I found out that few of their shades from lip cover have been 'promoted' and relaunched with the new formulation and Blush ; my favorite daily lipstick is included. 
On my recent trip to Singapore, I spotted the Burberry beauty counter at TANGS Orchard but unfortunately I was in a hurry so I didn't spend much time to play around with other stuffs but managed to go home with 1 Burberry Kisses lipstick in Poppy Red.

Full coverage


Burberry Kisses lipsticks come in identical packaging like the lip cover. The silver rectangular bullet with magnetic closure which I adore. The packaging is so luxurious, yet simple and so high end. The design is nothing ordinary. 

Poppy Red is a warm reddish magenta. It is similar to Hibiscus only slightly lighter and less purple. The new Burberry Kisses formulation allows you to apply the lipstick sheer or opaque which is great. I just love how versatile the formula is. 

At first, I must say that I was skeptical that Burberry could make something better than the lip cover as the lip cover formula is already perfect for me , but actually they just did it with the Kisses lipsticks! The Kisses lipsticks has slightly more emollient texture. The finish is slightly more balmy and glossy compare to the Lip cover which has satin finish. Poppy Red is one excellent example of how a good lipstick should be. The texture and consistency is just all perfect, it glides on effortlessly and 1 swipe is enough if you want full coverage. On a daily basis, I usually apply 1 swipe on my lower lips and blot my lips together to achieve a lighter coverage and more wearable color. Once applied, it doesn't accentuate any lip lines and it is very hydrating I don't need a lip balm underneath. Another good thing is that Burberry actually eliminated the strong scent they had for Lip Cover. I personally don't have problem with the scent, but I know a lot of people do. So this Burberry Kisses is perfect if you have sensitive nose. It amazes me how Burberry managed to create a full coverage lipstick, with creamy texture but not overly balmy or slippery, that is so lightweight on the lips unlike  - for example ; the famous Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy which everyone seems to love ( I find them very very heavy on the lips ). 

Overall, Burberry did impress me again and I am not at all sad that they discontinued the lip cover because the new Burberry Kisses range is just amazing!


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