Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cathy Doll Waterful Cool Stick Eyeshadow

The lovely Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeautybox gave me this eye shadow stick on our little meet up last month when I was in Singapore. She knew me very well and chose just the perfect eye shadow stick for me. I fell in love on the first swatch xD.

Cathy Doll is a local Thai brand which is made in Korea. My first encounter with the brand was with their BB Cream which I really really liked and just recently used up *sob*. Sharlynn was the one who gave the BB Cream to me too so I was really excited when she gave me few other Cathy Doll goodies on our recent meet up. 

My favorite eye shadow stick so far is the one from Kiko, it is just superior esp with the affordable price tag. And this one from Cathy Doll reminds me a lot of the Kikos. Cathy Doll Waterful Cool Stick Eyeshadow comes in a small retractable stick packaging with cute design. Sharlynn gave me the shade number 3 in Brown Ble which is a bronze-y brown with fine golden shimmer. I actually already have few similar shades on my stash but none of them are the same ( can I get an Amen? :P ), but this kind of shades is my most used anyway so I don't mind having some of them.

Cathy Doll Waterful Cool Stick Eyeshadow is one great product. It has creamy but not slippery texture that glides on seamlessly on the lids. It gives enough time for us to blend before it completely sets. The texture is similar to the Kiko ones that I love. It has just the right amount of creaminess , it is creamy-but the kind of creamy that stick on the lids but still easy to blend. I usually swipe it on the lids and blend it using my fingers and then blend the edges using blending brush. The finish on the lids is just beautiful and the shade is great to perform solo which is good if you don't have enough time to put on some killer eye look.  The eye shadow stick doesn't crease nor smudge and has great staying power.

Unfortunately the brand Cathy Doll is not widely available but you can try Ebay as they are worth the try.

Have you tried any underrated Asian brand?

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