Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Matchy Matchy

I did a bit Innisfree haul when I was in Singapore few weeks ago and I was quite surprised to see how relatively affordable they are especially in Singapore as other things tend to retail for higher price there. So I purchased few things to try and one of them were this lip gloss and nail polish in matching shade (unintended though! ). 

The lip gloss retails for SGD13 and comes in a simple lip gloss tube with minimal Innisfree logo. The  shade #3 is a yellow based medium pink. I fell in love with the color the first time I swatched it at the store, but was worried the color would turn too yellow on my complexion. I've purchased several similar shades but none of them worked well for me. Fortunately, this one works just fine! 

The lip gloss has rather thick and sticky consistency almost like a lip cream or liquid lipstick. The pigmentation is great and opaque. The whole character reminds me of my favorite lip gloss ever ; Lancome Lip Lover. The lip gloss applies smooth and doesn't set into lip lines. The finish is very glossy and shiny so I usually blot my lips to minimize the shine. One thing I like about it, is that it can applied opaque or sheer and doesn't look patchy. The formula is hydrating and doesn't dry up my lips. It wears very comfortable and has good staying power. I personally don't mind sticky lip gloss, and this one is sticky. So, if you don't like sticky lip gloss, give this one a try first because you might find it too sticky.

Contrast to my happy experience with the lip gloss, the nail polish is unfortunately another story which is annoying because I really like the color and the price xD ( retails for SGD 4 only! ).  I've long time ago once tried Innisfree nail polishes and I remember my experience being okay. But I believe Innisfree repackaged and reformulated their nail polishes since they look different from what I've tried before.

At the store, Innisfree offers a wide range of color selection for the nail polish, also with different finish e.g shimmer, creamy and glitters. It was a hard time for me to limit my purchase only to 1 shade and now that I've tried the nail polish, I am glad I didn't buy any other shade. What annoys me the most from this nail polish, is the formula. It is thick and gloopy, which is a nightmare for nail products. It is difficult to apply because of the gloopy consistency. It applies streaky as well. The pigmentation is so so,  it took 2-3 coats to achieve the opacity like the above picture.  Good thing the price is cheap so it didn't hurt much as it is no doubt a fail purchase. 

I also bought the long wear cushion and the famous Pore clay mask from the brand and will write about them later.

Have you tried anything from Innisfree? 

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