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The Beauty Blogger TAG

Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeauty blog tagged me to do this tag. I am sitting in my train on the way back home from uni now, so let's do this tag :D

Getting to know you!

3 random facts :
  1. I am a truly bookworm. I love reading a lot and when I am constantly reading on my kindle. I was a true paperback fan until my boyfriend gifted me a kindle. Now I am 100% converted and will gladly tell you 100000000 advantages of kindle against paperback ( don't worry I will not! xD ).
  2. I am not the most talented baker, but I love to bake. I think baking is very relaxing and therapeutic in a way. 
  3. When I was a kid, I always want to work as a cashier. You know the scanner thing? Holly cow, I would give anything as a kid to be able to use that scanner thing, so satisfying, you know! Well, as now I am working part time in a boutique, I do the cashier job as well and believe it or not, the scanner thing is really fun. I do scan random things when I am bored. lol.
What country do you live in?
  • I originally come from Jakarta - Indonesia but have been living in Berlin - Germany since January 2010 to pursue my bachelor degree.
What is the meaning of the name of your blog?
  • Jade is how I would love to name my future daughter if I ever have one ^^ and Jadeinthepalace just came up to me randomly because I used to watch korean drama named Jewel in the palace. I just think the name is catchy. But to be honest, it doesn't have any hidden meaning.

What did you start blogging?
  • My love with make up started long back ago , but it really grew up on me since I live in Berlin-Germany. I didn't have a lot of friends back then the first time I moved here , so reading and commenting on other people's blogs have been my favorite way to spend my free time. As it gave me so much fun, I decided why not make my own blog? I never regret it until now as blogging has given me so much fun and a lot of lovely blogger friends .

Make Up!

If you could live off 1 foundation which one could it be?
What's the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
  • Make up wise, it is the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation at €74,99 / 30ml.
Which product have you repurchased the most?
  • It must be my Etude House Brow Pencil and EOS lip balms.
Smokey and sexy, girl next door, or bright and bold?
  • I will go with girl next door for everyday and smokey and sexy for special occasion.
Biggest blogger / youtuber inspiration?
  • For bloggers I love Lena from Lenallure, Lena from Sleepandwater, Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeautybox ( her make up looks are never boring!! ), Karima from Shameless Fripperies and Christine from Temptalia.  
  • For youtubers I love Amelia Liana, Viviannadoesmakeup, Lily Pebbles, Essiebutton, Stylesuzi, and Karima Mckimmie.
Drugstore or high end?
  • I have a mix of both, but I'd have to go with high end. I believe in quality over quantity and based on my encounters with make up so far, the high end department have done better job in general.
Bronzer or blusher?
  • Blusher!


How many times do you wash your face?
  • Once in the evening, otherwise my skin will get too dry. I just use face toner in the morning.
Biggest skin struggle?
  • I am blessed to have not so problematic skin. I remember I used to have one or two acnes during my teenage years but up till now, besides of large pores and redness around my cheeks, I don't really have problems with my skin. 
What's your favorite way to pamper your skin?
  • Mask mask mask! I love to use my Glamglow mud mask, followed by asian sheet masks I always have in stock.
What's your skincare routine?
  • Day time : I use Laneige toner and lotion in the morning, followed by Biore Sunscreen before make up.
  • Night time : I remove my make up using the Garnier water, then followed by TBS cleansing balm - SK II FTE - Origin Ginzinc

Are you confident to go without make up?
  • Well completely bare face, I'd say no. I have to at least fill in my eye brows and apply BB cream or tinted moisturizer. But however, I don't have any problem to go bare face if I just need to throw garbage or go to nearby convenient store.


Favorite hair product?
  • The I Love Juicy shampoo from LUSH is the only shampoo working for my super oily scalp. So it is the only shampoo I have been using for the past 2 years.

First day hair or second hair day?
  • Definitely first hair. I have very oily scalp so I need to wash my hair every single day. I know a lot of people say that I shouldn't because it will make my hair even oilier, but I just can't go outside my house with second day hair. No No No.
How many times have you dyed your hair?
  • Woah countless time! I dyed my hair every once in 30-40 days. My natural hair color is black, and I used to dyed my hair lighter, like mahogany brown. Now I am going darker for winter . My natural hair color is not jet black nor dark brown, it is something in between and the color is just not even, that's why I constantly dye it.

This is my natural hair color

How light it used to be last summer

My current hair color at the moment, very dark brown - almost black


Neutral or brighter colors?

  • I prefer neutral dark color like black or navy or maroon . But I have no problem for brighter colors once in awhile.
Winter or Summer fashion?
  • Definitely winter! Well I love autumn and spring fashion more as winter in Germany means you can't really do fashion. It gets really really cold here so you could careless about fashion really. lol.
Jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses?
  • Anything but no shorts. I don't have the longest legs in the world so I prefer dresses and skirts. Jeans are my daily staple. My favorite is the skinnies from New Look and Uniqlo!

Wow that was a looong tag xD
Thank you Sharlynn for tagging me. It was fun to do, a nice change to regular product reviews. Feel free if you want to do this tag as well!


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