Friday, 26 December 2014

The Christmas Post

Hi guys!!

So yes, Christmas is officially over :''(( and now comes January which is always be the most depressing month in a year ( I believe I have read it somewhere in internet ). But, we all need to stay positive , right? So instead of crying over upcoming exams and few extra kilos ( darn you christmas dinner!!  :P ), how about welcoming 2015 with positive vibes?

Anyway how was your Christmas? or your holiday in case you don't celebrate Christmas? Mine was awesome. Of course I miss celebrating Christmas with my family at home, but I have my boyfriend here with me and my closest friends who even though they don't celebrate Christmas, they did celebrate it with me together which I dearly appreciate. 
We had our annual Christmas dinner at Alpenstück Restaurant in Berlin, the restaurant is recommended by Michelin chef and they serve the best Wiener Schnitzel I have ever eaten. 

Besides, I also visited the Christmas Markets and did some Christmas shopping as well as  window shopping because all the stores are nicely decorated with Christmas ornaments. As someone who grew up in Indonesia where Christmas is not widely celebrated, I absolutely treasure this moment of Christmas in Europe. Even though this year is my 5th Christmas here, I am still in awed every time I see the beautiful lights throughout the city 

And then, Christmas is also gift time! I understand some people think that we shouldn't associate Christmas with gifts, but I do think it is okay. Isn't it nice to give some gifts to our loved ones and also isn't it nice to receive some gifts from our loved ones as well? The joy of giving and sharing is just part of the festive season, at least that's how I grew up. I don't understand that some people find it frustrating to look for Christmas gifts, because for me, it is so fun! I love buying Christmas gifts and wrapping them all beautifully, ahhh it is just almost therapeutic for me. 
I am aware that I am very blessed surrounding with people who love me , be it family or friends, so this year I received some amazing - thoughtful gifts which each of them I dearly love and appreciate :D. 

I opened all my Christmas presents on Christmas morning 25th December. I know some opened them on Christmas eve, but I always did mine on Christmas morning :D. I used to believe that Santa Clause exists until I was 10 or 11. My parents made us ( my sister, my brother and I ) wrote down our Christmas wish lists and they told us they would hand it out to Santa, then on Christmas morning there would be gifts under our beds and that was such a joyful memory for me and my siblings. We still smile and laugh every time we talk about it.  I would definitely do the same once I have kids in the future. 
On Christmas day, my friends, my boyfriend and I went to watch the movie Exodus Gods and Kings at the cinema. The movie was rather meh and so-so. The actors played well and the special effects were great, only the movie was lacking in story. It felt very empty and flat throughout 2.5 hour duration. Disappointing. 

Anyway, I woke up today overlooking this on my backyard ; snow!! The first snow this winter came one day late xD. We didn't have white Christmas but at least we have second day white Christmas xD!

How was your Christmas this year? What did you do to celebrate it and did you also get any Christmas presents? Let me give you this one beautiful quote I found from Instagram :

And once again, Merry Christmas!!

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