Saturday, 3 August 2013

Essence Top 5 + 1

When I looked through my make up collection, I saw a lot of Essence products. Essence is a drugstore brand which is very affordable and easily accessible in Germany so that's why I have so many Essence products. But not all Essence products that I own are hits, some of them are also misses or average in terms of quality ( e.g the foundation/bb cream, eye shadows, lipsticks, and some nail polish shades ) . Here are my top 5 + 1 ( because I simply couldn't decide :p ) Essence picks.

  1. Essence's Limited Edition Blushes - I notice that Essence does a lot of great limited edition blushes. I have tried their blushes from their permanent range but they are not as good as the ones from the limited edition. The pigmentation of Essence blushes are amazing , the quality is simply great for such a fraction of price.
  2. Essence Fix & Matte Translucent Loose Powder - A very good finishing powder. The powder is finely milled and it does its job very well. It retails for 3.45€ and you get 15 gr of product which is a lot for the price. It is not the best finishing powder in the market but it is very affordable and a good drugstore alternative for people who don't want to spend more money on higher end brands.
  3. Essence Stay With Me Lip Gloss - I've done a full review with swatches here. I am actually not a lip gloss person but I have almost every single shade of this lip gloss simply because they are amazing. And they are only 1,49€ each!
  4. Essence Better Than Gel Nails Topcoat - My all time favorite topcoat. I've tried Sally Hansen Instadry and essie good to go and the topcoat from OPI which I forgot the name but none is as good as this one from Essence. It does dry up pretty quick and it gets gloopy easily but it is only 2,49€ so I don't mind buying one like once in a month. 
  5. Essence I Love Stage Eye shadow base - I've emptied maybe 3 or 4 tubes of this eyeshadow base. It works for me better than Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance, Artdeco eyeshadow base or the Rival de Loop one. It is so pigmented that it can also be use as concealer. 
  6. Essence Eyebrow Designer - I don't own any other eye brow pencils because I am so happy with this one. I usually mix 2 shades ; the blonde and brown to get my perfect eyebrow shade. It is also perfect for touch up because it is easy and it has the brow brush on the cap. 
Is Essence available in your country? Do you have favorite product from Essence?

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