Sunday, 25 August 2013

Current Obsession

What is your favorite eye shadow shade? Mine is definitely burgundy - plum - to coppery red. I found that the shades look most flattering on my complexion and my eye color. I've been gravitating towards the shades very often lately, here are some of my recent favorite shades :

  1. MUA Undressed Palette #9 - A very wearable redish peachy shade with a hint of burgundy. It is a very nice worn alone shade which is my go to shade if I don't have enough time to get ready. I don't need another eye shadow because this one looks good and pretty even when it's worn alone. The sheen - duo chrome finish is a winner.
  2. Sonia Rykiel duo eyeshadow #04 - This shade is my go to for a dramatic eye look that requires no hassles. It has a very intriguing duo chrome finish which is when applied, looks like you applied more than 1 shade. It has soft spongy texture, very similar to L'oreal Infaillible eye shadows.
  3. KIKO Sensous Burgundy - It is by far my favorite burgundy quad. But my favorite shade is the upper left shide which is a true burgundy shade. It has satin finish, so def not matte with a hint of redish pink sheen.
  4. Burberry Plum Pink - As the name suggests, it is a eye shadow quad with plum theme. It is by far the best high end eye shadow formula I have ever encountered. My fave shade is the 2nd stripe from the left. A gorgeous plumy shade.
  5. Essence Sun Kissed Mousse Eye Shadow - I bought it on sale, after the LE display was no longer displayed so I had no expectation. But it is actually really good. The texture is mousse-y and it applies like cream to powder finish. Pigmentation is amazing and it looks beautiful on the lids.
  6. Maybelline Color Tattoo Pomegranate Punk - The perfect mix of plum and burgundy. It is exactly something in the middle. A beautiful mix that looks vibrant on the lids, also perfect as base for a dramatic eye look.
  7. Catrice Plum Up The Jam - As the name suggests, a true plum shade with a hint of dark purple. The finish is semi matte, and once applied, it leans more to purple. So it is more on the darker side of plum. The texture is okay, a bit powdery but I find it great for drugstore product.
  8. MAC Cranberry - A lot of people complain that it looks to redish and makes our eyes looking like you've just been punched. But I have to disagree as I think this shade is beautiful. It can look wrong on some complexion or if it is not applied correctly, but I looked and watched some tutorial on youtube on how to make this shade work so I think it is a beautiful shade.
What is your favorite eye shadow shades? 

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