Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Manhattan Colour Splash Lip Tint

I am usually not a fan of lip tints. I love how they look on some people but I don't like how they can be high maintenance and drying and usually such a hassle to apply. Manhattan recently brought some lip tints to their collection and the reviews I read about them are almost all great. So I was very happy to get this lip tint from the lovely Claudia from BeautyButterflies. Thanks for sending me the lovely package, Claudia! <3

I got the shade #54L - So Paris, a matte blue toned fuchsia with a hint of magenta and purple. I though t at first "darn, it is not going to work for my complexion" but I gave it a go and surprisingly, I kinda like how it looks on me. 
The lip tint comes in a simple tube with doe foot applicator.

The lip tint has wonderful consistency. It is very watery but it applies evenly which is unusual for lip tint. It is a bit wet after applied but it dries up to a velvety finish which is such a pleasure. The pigmentation is the bomb, it looks opaque after only 1 swipe. I was very surprised that it was that good. It doesn't bleed as well so it is not high maintenance. It can set to the lip lines a bit after awhile but nothing very bad. The staying power is unbelievable. It stays on like nobody's business. It started to fade gradually after 5-6 hours but it fades evenly so it doesn't look bad on the lips. I usually apply a thin layer of lip balm beforehand just because I am used to, but I tried it without lip balm and it is not drying at all. It feels comfortable on my lips , not sticky like most lip tints.
It is very difficult to remove, though. I have to use an oil based eye make up remover + powerful rub to remove it completely. 
The lip tint is scented, something fruity and sweet but not disturbing. 

I don't have any idea whether Manhattan is available in another countries, but I hope it is, because this product is a gem.
It retails for 3,79€ / 7ml

What do you think of the color? 

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