Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bellapierre 5 in 1 Compact Mineral Foundation

I was never aware of Bellapierre cosmetics brand before. I can remember I saw some of their products in my local TK Maxx for cheaper price but I was never interested to try, mainly because of their packaging doesn't look appealing and their price is relatively high.
But few weeks ago, I was browsing in Galeries Lafayette and one very nice SA asked me to try out their products. He was very nice and sweet I couldn't say no -___-
And as predicted, I went home with the 5in1 compact mineral foundation, 30% because I liked the finish on my face and 70% because of the SA was just very nice and I would feel bad walking home with empty hand. >.<

The SA said to me that this foundation is made of all natural ingredients that it is very safe for our skin and it will make my skin looking better after some time. He even suggested not to remove this foundation at night and sleep with it, which I don't dare doing. I had no experience with mineral make up before so I was a bit skeptical with his claims. He also told me that this foundation was meant to be an easy solution for busy women because it is all in one product. Foundation, concealer, setting powder, finishing powder and sunscreen.  

The foundation comes in a compact case which is made of very light-cheap looking plastic. It doesn't have a good weight and it looks very flimsy. I am not impressed at all with the packaging since the foundation is not cheap. It costs 39€ / 10 gr of product.

This is what Bellapierre said on their website :
Mineral pressed 5 in 1 Foundation compact BellaPierre Pressed mineral foundation, 5 in-1 is a natural mineral makeup which can be used as a concealer, mineral foundation, setting powder and SPF 15 protection all in one. Our mineral foundation is made with pure mineral pigments ground to the smoothest texture and bound with soothing Jojoba Oil. Our full-coverage mineral foundation is actually good for your skin. Our mineral foundation combines the beauty affects you desire, with the natural skincare you deserve.




My main problem with my face is redness, spider veins and some hyper pigmentations, it is not difficult to find foundation that works for my face as I fortunately don't deal with acnes and major blemishes. But I have combination skin that tends to get oilier especially in summer. It is summer now in Berlin and the weather has been freakingly hot lately. And it is difficult to find a good base make up that doesn't melt or make my face even oilier.
This foundation from Bellapierre provides a very buildable coverage, you can apply it very sheer, medium or even full coverage, something about the formula is very interesting. It also works well as setting powder without being cakey if you need touch up on the go ( the compact case is not good for touch up though , as it is very flimsy and the powder is very powdery so it gets messy ). 
It covers my imperfections very well though some red spots on my cheeks still need concealer. It feels very lightweight maybe because of the powder texture. I can feel that it doesn't cling on to my pores as well. 
I had no big expectation on this foundation as my main reason buying it, was only because of the nice SA, but after more than 2 weeks wearing this foundation, I must say I started to love it. It is perfect for the hot temperature now because it keeps my face not greasy for a long time. I use my Benefit Porefessional as primer and sunscreen from Paul&Joe under this foundation but I don't really need to use concealer under my eye area, only on some little spots on the cheeks.
The finish is very natural like 2nd skin. I was worried at first because of the powder texture it might look mask-like and patchy but luckily it doesn't. 

It is overall a very very nice foundation and it deserves more attentions. But they really should work on the packaging as it doesn't look expensive at all. Other than that, if you have access to Bellapierre where you live, ask for sample first and give it a chance. You'll be surprise.

Have you ever heard of the brand before?

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