Tuesday, 20 August 2013

KIKO Kiss Balm

Another beauty brand that jumped on the bandwagon of tinted lip balm ; KIKO. I think this tinted lip balm didn't really get much attention because I haven't seen it online before on any blogs or youtube videos. But the KIKO girl showed me this lip balm and I liked it the first time I tried it on the store. So I picked one up.

I picked up the shade #06 - Blackberry. It is a mauve-y berry shade with no shimmer. The lip balm comes in a metallic purple bullet and comes with a box as well which is good for the price ; 5,99€.

This is what KIKO said about the lip balm :

KIKO MAKE UP MILANO presents KISS BALM, the lip balm with a velvety and ultra rich texture that, day after day, leaves lips soft and moisturized. A lightweight, semi-transparent film that moisturizes the lips and adds a delicate hint of colour, elegance and style.

Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamins, the formula provides immediate relief to chapped lips thanks to the emollient and antioxidant action of its special ingredients. Lip moisturizers are also paired with City Filter to offer SPF 15 protection.

A complete treatment, KISS BALM unites lip care and vibrant colour with the pleasure of delicate fruit aromas. Special combinations of colours and aromas were designed to create an alluring match that immediately comforts the lips.

The first time I tried it on the store, I really liked it. But as I tried it more at home, I started to find things I dislike from this lip balm. The texture is very slippery until it is a bit hard to apply. I don't think it moisturizes and hydrates my lips enough for a lip balm. The fact is, I notice that it is a bit drying after awhile. The pigmentation is not that great, but I don't expect it to be very pigmented either since it's a tinted lip balm. 
It doesn't feel very comfortable on my lips because it is so slippery. It has SPF 15 which is a good point but I just don't get the whole concept. -__-
The other thing that annoys me, is the scent. It is very strongly scented, sickly sweet and it lingers on. I am usually not sensitive to scent but this one is very overwhelming.
The color I picked, is a pretty shade. It is sheer on the lips, it looks like 'your lips but better' shade, perfect for every day use. If you don't mind it being slippery and sickly scented, it is actually a nice decent product. 


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