Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

I am a fan of Benefit Porefessional. It is by far the only primer that works for my skin. After 6 months of constant use, my Porefessional is now coming to an end. I was going to repurchase it, but the SA showed me their new stick primer.
I have seen this newly launched stick primer a lot on youtube as many youtubers are raving about it. So out of curiosity I picked up this stick primer instead of repurchasing The Porefessional . ( The SA advised me to apply The Porefessional on the top of this primer for perfect base which I refused because of the price. Like, 65€ for primer? No no no )

Yes, it is my strategic marketing handout that I used as base to take picture. :p

Benefit never fails me with their cute, vintage, retro packaging. This swivel stick form is also less hassle to apply.

The SA told me that the primer can be applied directly to the skin or with brush to get more coverage. But I don't like applying it with brush because the consistency of the primer is more like a balm. It is not silicon party like Porefessional which feels matte and powdery. This one is more like applying balm all over your face. It feels kind of sticky at the beginning but it absorbs fast and after that my skin feels tighter and smoother.

Please mind my banana finger and yes it's Tanya Burr in the background. :D

For application, I apply my sunscreen first, then glide the stick all over my face and even it out with my fingertips. Then I apply my foundation. 
I did a test for this review which I applied the foundation on half of my face over the primer and the other half without . I didn't notice any difference on the application in terms of finish or foundation coverage like its claims but after few hours, it did show some difference. 

 After 5 Hours of application

After 5 hours , I noticed that the part without primer was slightly more oily and the foundation started to fade on some spots. The part with primer was less oily and held the foundation better. But overall, there was no huge difference .

After 8 Hours 

After 8 hours, the difference was more noticeable. The part without primer was more greasy and oily esp on the cheek area. The part with the primer was also more oily than after 5 hours but still less oily than the without part. My foundation started to fade on both side but there was more left on the primer side. 
I would say, the 15 hour claim is exaggerating but this primer does work to help make up stay longer. It also helps to control the excess oil on the face.
I don't think this primer is something groundbreaking and I still prefer The Porefessional to be honest. But the swivel stick form is really good and convenient. If Porefessional comes in swivel stick form as well I'll definitely be very happy. It is also more expensive as The Porefessional. This one retails for 34€/15.5gr and Porefessional retails for 32€/22ml.

Have you ever tried primer from Benefit?

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