Monday, 17 December 2012

They're Real!

I always wax my eye brows in Benefit Brow counter once in a month. Here in Germany ( I don't know how it is in other country ), we usually have a mini waxing salon at Benefit counter. I always go to Benefit Counter at Galeries lafayette in Berlin, because the SA is so nice ! ( Her name is Steffi!! ;))

Long story short, when I did my brows last week, I asked Steffi to let me try their They're Real Mascara and once I saw the result I fell in love.

The packaging is typical Benefit, super fun and retro. I love how benefit put so much efforts on the packaging. For a packaging sucker like me, it is a plus note.

They're Real retails for 22,50€. It's not cheap for a mascara, especially because I usually wear false lashes. But the result convinced me to buy it and I didn't regret . ;)

The wand is made of rubber, which I know a lot of people don't like it. But I honestly don't mind either rubber or plastic wands. The mascara tube looks nice, futuristic, durable and well made.

I know, you might be asking : " Where the hell are the lashes? I can't see anything!"


"Aaaah okay now I can see where the lashes are!! "

As you can see from the before picture above, I basically have nothing to begin with. I know a lot of you also have typical asian lashes, but mine are almost invisible. They're Real mascara elongates my lashes, gives volume and holds its curl. It is also pitch black so it makes my lashes more visible.
Even the brush is big, I find it easy to apply. And it reaches my bottom lashes pretty well too. It also stays on the whole day and doesn't flake nor smudge. My only problem is that , it tends to clump a bit if applied more than 1 coat and I have read that a lot of people say it dries quickly. I hope mine won't T.T

Have you tried any of Benefit mascara? I heard that 'Bad Gal' is also a good one!


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