Friday, 28 December 2012

Rimmel 9in1 BB Cream

Hello friends!!
I got this sample from Glamour UK magazine December's edition and I was so happy and excited to try this on since Rimmel is one of my fave drugstore brand so I had high expectation.

I can't talk a lot about the packaging since I only got the sample, but I know they come in a squeeze tube.

When I first opened the sample, I was surprised to see the consistency, because it looked like it was not well mixed and separated. Maybe in full size product, you should shake it well before use? I hope you get what I meant by looking at this picture above.  

The consistency is a bit watery but at the same time it feels thick. It also has a strong scent that gives me  stinging headache. The shade #light is the perfect shade for my winter skin, it might be a bit too light for my summer skin though.


Just like the name, this Rimmel BB Cream claims to give you 9 advantages in 1, which is :
  1. Prime : I think as long as the primer is concerned, it is more a foundation to me. It is too thick and too full coverage for being a primer.
  2. Moisturize : I always use moisturizer before using any make up product so I can't say much about this BB Cream being moisturizing enough.
  3. Minimizing pores : Oh it definitely does the opposite!! It makes my pores looking even bigger  and it clings on every dry patches that I have ( not that I have a lot, but still... ). 
  4. Conceal : I think concealing is one thing that this BB Cream does well. Because of the nice coverage, it does conceal my imperfections. 
  5. Covers : It has medium coverage but the feeling of super full coverage. It feels extra thick and I feel like wearing a mask the whole day.
  6. Smooth : Not at all! -____-" and it is also difficult to apply because of once again ; the thick consistency. I tried to use Real Techniques Stippling Brush and my p2 beauty blender but none of them worked well.
  7. Mattify : It gives a mattifying finish but also it tends to be cakey after few hours. The oil control isn't good either.
  8. Brighten : Hmm, to be honest I can't say a lot about it, but compare to another BB Cream I have, this one doesn't really brighten up my complexion. It does even out my skin tone, but brighten up ? not really.
  9. Helps protect : It has SPF 25 which is a plus point. But once again, compare to asian BB Creams that usually have SPF 40++, I don't think this one is enough for BB Cream.
So, overall I unfortunately must say I don't like it at all. I don't like how thick it feels on my face, and also the strong smell I just couldn't handle. I usually don't mind scented make up but this one is too overwhelming. I am glad that I got to test the sample first because it helps me save my money. I can't recommend it to you guys. :/


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