Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sparkling Nights

It looks like the "chubby stick" trend is not gone yet since more and more brands launch lip products in 'chubby stick' form. Rival de Loop is currently having a limited edition called sparkling night and here is the only thing I got from the collection.

Sparkling Night Jumbo Lipstick in Red Diva

Red Diva comes in a 'chubby stick' form with retractable function so you don't need to sharpen it. The stick is made from plastic that doesn't feel sturdy enough and feels cheap but I don't really mind to be honest since it IS cheap. ;) 

Red Diva is a nice Fanta ( You know Fanta the soft drink, right? ) red shade with pink and blue undertones. The texture is creamy and feels really comfortable on my lips. The pigmentation is great and you can definitely sheer it down or build up the intensity. Because of the creamy slash balmy texture, this is not an overwhelming red color, definitely suitable for a day look.
The application is also easy and it doesn't bleed so I don't need to apply lip liner. The staying power is fine, 3-4 hours before requiring a touch up. One downside is, this lipstick is strongly scented and it lingers on. It reminds me a bit of Burberry lipsticks because they are also strongly scented. But I am not really sensitive to scent, so it doesn't annoy me that much but I wish the scent wasn't that obvious.


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