Saturday, 22 December 2012

Meet Clara Sugandy..

Meet Clara Sugandy!!
Clara Sugandy is a fashion designer based in Jakarta-Indonesia. She graduated from Susan Budiharjo School of Fashion in 2011 and now working on her own label, Clara Sugandy.
Her works have been featured in some of local and even international medias such as Indo Pos, AMICA, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar and etc etc.

Clara is my best best best friend. We have been friend for like 14 years and we went to the same school from primary school-junior high-and high school together. Even though we are now living separately because I live in Berlin and she lives in Jakarta-Indonesia, we never break the contact. 
Long story short, let me show you some of her works.

Those 3000 !! leaves are all handmade and sewn together to create this beautiful dress.

She also does mens wear!

If you are interested in any of her works, don't hesitate to contact her at

I wish you all a lovely Sunday and have yourself a merry little christmas! <3 <3

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