Thursday, 27 December 2012


Hey friends!!
Today I'm going to show you my current favorite body scrub / body peeling from LUSH. I am such a LUSH junkie and almost 90% of my shower is filled with LUSH Products from shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body butter, etc etc etc.

After reading this review from lovely Karo HERE, I literally went to LUSH store the next day and picked this up!  

LUSH has a policy like MAC, if you're familiar with back to MAC, you'll understand how it works. So basically you bring 5 cleaned empty packagings from LUSH ( I believe it doesn't work for the bottle packaging, only the black pots ) and you'll get one full size of their fresh face mask worth of 10€ if I'm not mistaken.

When my boyfriend first saw this, his comment was : " Are you now crazy using detergent as body scrub??" LOL.
I can totally understand him because it does remind me of detergent, esp the color and the texture of it. But apart from the not so appealing look, this body scrub does the job really really well. My skin feels soooooo smooth and silky after using this scrub. It doesn't irritate my skin even though I use it almost every single day. I have extremely dry skin on my elbow and it is getting better after I used this scrub.
The scent isn't the most delicious since LUSH products usually smell like heaven, but this one doesn't smell bad either. It smells like the ocean or beach. 

The pot packaging is not the best one since I always take more products than I need and sometimes in the shower it's also easy for some water to slip in, but tbh I can't think of any better packaging because of the thick consistency, squeeze tube or bottle are not good options either.

Price wise, Rub Rub Rub is a bit on the expensive side. For 245ml It retails for 14,35€. One pot lasts me for about a 3 weeks. 

Do you like LUSH products too? Which one is your favorite?

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