Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Roberto Cavalli

To be honest, I am not a fan of Roberto Cavalli in general. Even the perfume didn't catch my attention at first mainly because of the  'tacky looking' packaging. The advertisements of this new perfume from Roberto Cavalli are everywhere. Magazines, youtube, department stores, etc etc. Still I didn't have any interest until I got the mini sample inside one of the beauty box I subscribe. I fell in love the first time I sniffed it and it took me quite a long time before deciding to get the full size mainly because of the expensive price.

Roberto Cavalli describes the perfume as exuberant, vibrant,  sensual, and mesmerizing and I have to agree because it is quite a sensual and heavy scent. The commercial is also sexy and "very va va voom".

The packaging to be honest is not really my thing. But I love the scent so much that I manage to ignore the tacky golden-tiger packaging. The bottle is - to my relieved - more simple than the box even though you can still sense the diva attitude.
The perfume belongs to the ambery floral family. Top note is pink pepper, heart note is orange blossom and base note is tonka beans. 
Despite of the diva concept, the scent is 'wearable'. It is heavy and strong but if you spray the right amount, it gives you a nice deep and sweet scent, perfect for the cold winter. 
What I like the most from this perfume is that it stays all day! I only need to spray a tiny bit and I smell like subtle diva ( lol ) the entire day. 


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  1. Tiger is the trademark of cavallli and I do love his designs. But I agree the pkg for his fragrance is somewhat chincy.....