Saturday, 8 December 2012

DM Lieblinge December

DM Lieblinge is another monthly beauty subscription box which is limited only to 5.000 subsribers. The subscription renews every 3 month and you have to re-register yourself after 3 month if you still want to get the box. The registration always causes such a drama because so many people want the box but there is only 5.000 boxes for the entire Germany.
Why this box is so wanted? Okay so, DM is a local drugstore here in Germany. The DM Box costs only 5€ a month  and you get 5 full size products inside ( Glossybox costs 15€ and you get samples instead of full size ). The products vary from make up, skin / hair / body care, men's skin care, household cleaning stuffs, toothpaste etc etc ( basically any kind of products you can find in DM ). Based on experience, the last 6 boxes were mostly good and worth over 5€ and because the contents are usually daily need products, the 5€ spent is not a waste.

Now let me show you my December's DM Box :

Love the packaging!! It's so christmassy !

This month, there is 7 full size products instead of 5!!
  • Balea Sweet Wonderland Showergel 0.85€
  • P2 Nail polish 1,75€
  • Balea Mild Enzym Peeling Mask 2,45€
  • Dontodent Toothpaste 0,95€
  • Balea Men Hair Styling Gel 1,95€
  • AXE Apollo Body Spray Deo 2,95€
  • AXE Apollo Showergel 1,95€
  • Alverde Men Peeling Facial Wash 2,65€
TOTAL 15,5€

Basically I can use all the products that came inside the box. Even though they aren't high end products like other boxes' contents but sometimes I prefer to get just drugsore products that I can use on daily basis rather than a waste of 30€ hand cream + perfume samples . All the men's stuffs go to my boyfriend so they aren't wasted. Overall a nice box for the price of 5€.


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