Monday, 5 October 2015

The Nudes

Another nude-neutral eye shadow palette is probably the least thing I need to add into my stash. But, I just couldn't resist when I spotted this palette at Maybelline counter in Jakarta for only IDR 150.000 ( or ca. 7-8€ ). I thought, why don't give it a try? The price wouldn't hurt badly just in case it didn't  perform well. Good thing is, this palette is not bad for the price!

The Nudes palette comes in a simple plastic case. The packaging is surely not the most eye pleasing but it's functional. The case doesn't come with built in mirror but it comes with a sponge applicator and transparent lid, so you can see the shadows from outside. 

Speaking of the colour scheme, I do think it is well thought. There are some shimmers - satin, some mattes and as well as 1 glittery shade. All shades are wearable and compliment each other. You can create a simple nude look to smokey eye look using this palette.

In terms of quality, there are some inconsistencies among the shades. The matte shades are rather chalky and need to be layered to achieve the desired opacity. The satin-shimmery shades on the other hand are smoother and easier to apply. The matte black shade applies sheer and can't really be layered because it gets chalky and patchy when layered. Eye shadow base is a must when using this palette IMO, because it helps the shadows apply better and makes the colour pop up more. The texture of the shadows are mostly soft and smooth. I didn't experience a lot of fall out, only minimal amount. The pigmentations vary between the shades.
The shadows in this palette are not very unique, means they're dupe-able and chances are big that you already own similar shades on your collection.

Overall, I'd say that this is a nice palette to have if you like nude shades or if you are a 'beginner' in terms of make up. As it offers a safe bet with affordable price tag.  I can imagine it will come in handy for teenage girls who just started playing with make up. Or it would be nice for traveling as you don't really need to worry much about it getting broken.


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