Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation vs Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

I've heard a lot of positive reviews on this particular foundation from Max Factor. And the fact that some stated it to be the exact twin sister of one of my most favorite foundation ever ; Covergirl Outlast 3in1 Stay Fabulous Foundation, I just needed to give it a go and do a comparison post. 

Here is a brief review on the Covergirl one , since they're basically the same ;
Covergirl Outlast 3in1 Foundation has thick creamy and smooth consistency. It spreads and blends easily. I prefer to apply it using beauty blender as foundation brush might get streaky. The coverage is medium to full without being cakey or too much. The formula feels comfortable on the skin even though I wouldn't say it is lightweight. I don't mind thick foundation as long as it blends seamlessly into the skin and feels comfortable. Covergirl Outlast 3in1 Foundation claims to be 3in1 as the name advised, so it functions as primer-foundation and concealer. I must say it lives up to the claims because it is indeed sufficient as primer-foundation and concealer. It evens up my complexion and covers imperfections well. On most days when I don't have any special occasions to attend, I appreciate this kind of foundation so I'll save time getting ready in the morning. But when I do have a long day awaiting, I don't dare to skip primer and concealer as I perspire a lot so my foundation tends to migrate by the mid day. The foundation provides a matte finish that is not dull or flat. Despite of the full coverage, I still feel very comfortable to wear this foundation on daily basis as the finish is still natural. It is also not drying on the skin and don't accentuate fine lines or dry patches. The oil control is great and the staying power is excellent. For a foundation that retails for IDR 185.000 - IDR 200.000, this is a great buy. It does the job just as good ( and even better ) as some high end foundations that are twice or three times more expensive. This is a strong candidate for the best drugstore foundation I've ever encountered. 

On comparison with the Max Factor Facefinity 3in1 foundation, I did a little research on the ingredients and they're 99,99999% identical. I bought the Max Factor one to compare and yes, I can say they're exactly the same. Let's start with the packaging, both CG and MF have exact same packaging only different color and brand names. On the product itself, they feel the same, smell the same, and I can't spot any difference in terms of performance. My shade in CG is the second lightest shade, and so it is in MF.  The only difference is the logo and the color of the packaging, otherwise everything is the same.

So , if you are still hesitate to get the CG because you don't want to blind buy foundation online, do visit Max Factor counter / display near you and give the Facefinity foundation a try because it is just the same like CG Stay Fabulous Outlast Foundation. Covergirl and Max Factor are sisters company though, hence the similarities. Hope this helps :)


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