Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs eyeshadow quad in shade #500 Les Ombres Turandot was long on my wish list. I was too late to buy one, when it was launched in Holiday 2012 collection ( or most likely I was broke at that time xD ). So when a friend of mine wanted to sell her barely used Turandot, it was a dream comes true moment. I didn't waste any time to consider, I just said yes.

Let me begin with that I didn't regret the purchase at all. And it is even better since I was able to get it for a very decent price xD. I know the product is 3 years old, but everything seems perfectly fine to me, doesn't smell funky or the texture isn't changed. I don't really give a fuss for the expiration date when it comes to make up. For me, as long as I keep them clean and they don't smell funny or change texture then I will still keep them ( for the exception of mascara, lip gloss or lipstick or skin care! ).

Now to the product itself, Turandot is a beautiful eye shadow quad consists of 2 matte and 2 iridescent shades. There color scheme is warm toned which I really appreciate. They are just gorgeous!
Here is the breakdown of the 4 shades :

The first shade is a warm toned gold shade with a hint of orangey peach. It has a slightly frosty finish but very subtle and soft. 
The second shade is a reddish brown with a satin finish. It is matte with no shimmer particles but the finish is not completely matte. It still has a subtle sheen.
The third shade is a brownish plum shade with matte finish. 
The fourth shade is a medium brown with a slight taupe hint. It has shimmery finish but with very fine shimmer particles. 

All 4 shades have buttery smooth texture with great pigmentation. They apply effortlessly and blend seamlessly. The 4 shades are well thought and compliment each other. They're still in the neutral area but is not 'boring brown neutral'. I know I have got enough similar shades in my collection but I just can't get enough xD and Turandot is one excellent quad with great color selection and first class quality. 
They apply better over eye shadow primer but they work just fine even without primer. The staying power with or without primer on my oily lids is great. 

I remember this is the quad Christine from Temptalia wore on her wedding day. Considering how many eyeshadow palettes/quads she owns, it means this one must be a really good one!

Packaging wise, it is housed in a luxurious golden case. The case catches finger prints like crazy but it is indeed luxurious, well made and have a good weight to it. 

Major love!


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