Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The most expensive lipstick splurge ever

Yes I finally caved in. I just couldn't say no. It was a split second decision and I still to this moment can't believe that I splurged that amount of money on a lipstick ( my parents will freak out if they find out. LOL ). But, anyway I finally got myself the Christian Louboutin lipstick. I got mine in the classic Rouge Louboutin red shade in satin finish. Why satin? Well, I have enough red matte lipsticks and the sheer one doesn't really feel appealing to me. So I went with the satin one. 

So, I ordered mine online from net a porter when they had a free shipping going on. The first time I opened mine, I was awed by the luxury of the packaging. The lipstick comes in a box with velvety 'cushion' inside. It seems like the lipstick is resting inside the box on a velvet couch xD. The bullet itself is cool as I'm sure you've seen them a lot everywhere. There is a ribbon ( silk, according to the description ) attached to the lipstick so you can wear it as a statement necklace if you fancy to (  I tried it on and found it looking stupid on me, lol ). The packaging is indeed very luxurious and well made. It has a good weight into it but not as heavy as Guerlain Rouge G. 

To the product itself, this lipstick has all good quality you want to have in a high end lipstick. The texture is smooth and creamy and applies smoothly on the lips. It doesn't set into lip lines and provides a nice satin finish, not too matte and not too creamy. It is full cover lipstick and the pigmentation is really good. You just need 1 swipe to entirely cover the lips. The formula is a winner in my book. It is rich, creamy, not drying and just hug the lips effortlessly ( if you know what I mean ).  I personally really like the finish as it is a nice change from my usual matte red lips. The color Rouge Louboutin is a true Louboutin red. It looks slightly deeper on real life though compare to the picture above. It is a universal kind of red that will look nice on every skin tones. 

Speaking about the staying power, I got ca. 5 hour wear without major eating and it did stain my lips a lil bit. I didn't notice any potent scent, which is one good thing esp if you have sensitive nose. 

Overall, do I think it's worth the splurge and a must have? Well, to be honest, no matter how good this lipstick is, I don't think any lipstick is worth €80. I meant, if this lipstick costs me around Tom Ford price range, I would say to you, go buy and try it. But at €80, I can't foresee myself buying another shades either. Not because it's a bad product, not at all. But €80 is a ridiculous amount ( well at least for me ), I know it's made very luxuriosly but tbh it is not THAT luxurios. Tom Ford, Guerlain, Givenchy have similar luxurious lipsticks ( both product and packaging ) for half the price. The single thing that made Louboutin stands out is the box. But that box alone can't justify the price, right?

As a collectable item though, this might be worth the price tag. It is definitely well made and not only about the unique packaging as the lipstick itself also got great quality to it. Whether you need it? I don't think so. But, if you are a make up hoarder like me, and see this lipstick more as a collectible item, then it is a different point of view. 

Do you think you're going to jump onto the bandwagon and get the Louboutin lipstick?

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