Sunday, 6 September 2015

San Paolo and Milan

I don't really like the new ultra matte liquid lipstick trend. I do like matte lipsticks but not so much the ultra matte Kylie Jenner wanna be looks. But, I've read so many positive reviews on the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and the swatches on the internet seem like pretty normal matte lips, nothing like overly plumped and overly drawn matte lips.  
So, I purchased 2 shades ; Milan and San Paolo.

San Paolo


#Milan is a cool toned Barbie pink which is fortunately still wearable since I usually can't wear cool toned pink, but Milan is still okay.
#San Paolo is a warm toned medium pink which is very flattering against my complexion. I've been wearing San Paolo a lot since it is so pretty and bold in an understated way.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is housed in a simple plastic tube packaging with doe foot applicator. Nothing fancy about the packaging but I like it like that because it's practical. 
Texture wise, they remind me of the Essence Soft Matte Lip Cream , even they both smell the same which is weird. Can they be the same product with different packaging? ( I have tried to search for ingredients for both products, but found nothing :/ ).

NYX SMLCs have creamy consistency which apply very smoothly and dry to powdery matte finish. They have silicone-y feeling that explains why they apply rather smoothly. The pigmentation is great and one swipe is enough to cover the whole lips. They take time to set, but once set, they don't really move around. I usually blot it with tissue paper before applying the next layer so it will last longer. The formula is quite forgiving for a matte liquid lipstick as it is not too drying and doesn't peel my lips. After few hours, it does get a bit dry but I can easily solve it by dabbing a lip balm over it ( the finish won't be too matte anymore but still not glossy ). The staying power however is not really good for a liquid matte lipstick as I always need to reapply after eating or much drinking. I personally don't mind though as I always reapply lipstick anyway out of habit. 

I haven't tried a lot of liquid matte lipsticks out there so I can't really compare. But I've been enjoying NYX SMLC quite a lot recently and will look at other shades ^^

Have you tried any liquid matte lipstick? or the NYX SMLC?

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