Wednesday, 2 September 2015

DIORSNOW White Reveal Pure Transparency Loose Powder

I got this Diorsnow loose powder preloved from a friend of mine. She barely used it and I was able to get this loose powder for a very decent price. 

PS : please mind the cracked-side-of-the-nose-area. I didn't realize that until I saw this picture. 

The DIORSNOW White Reveal Pure Transparency Loose Powder is enriched or infused with Icelandic Glacial Water ( here is a link in case you're the same like me, have no idea what it is. LOL ). The powder comes in a luxurious white case. The case is heavy duty and might not be the best for traveling but will look very pretty on every dressing table. 

When I first opened the case, I was surprised to see a pinkish lavender powder. And there was I very skeptical as I am usually afraid to put anything too pink on my face, this one fortunately is nothing I need to worry about. 
The pink toned does help brighten up the complexion and tone down the dullness of my skin. I didn't expect it to be 'that' brightening though so I started to apply it sparingly to avoid being ghostly bright xD. 

Speaking of the formula, the Diorsnow WRPTLP is very very finely milled. It is very soft to touch and blends like a dream. It doesn't interrupt the base make up and in fact, compliments and brightens up the whole complexion. It gives a very nice finishing touch. However, it is not completely translucent as it does provide a wee bit coverage, so I don't think this will suit a deeper complexion. The formula is very lightweight and airy and it doesn't add any 'weight' to the base make up. I just love it!

The powder is great to set make up as I notice a good oil control. It is mattifying but not in a dull way. If you happen to visit DIOR counter, do give it a try ( I don't know whether this one is limited or Asian exclusive as I can't recall seeing this one in Germany ).

Have you tried or seen this powder where you live? What is your current favourite loose powder?

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