Wednesday, 16 September 2015


To begin with, I am not really a fan of the ultra matte liquid lipstick trend. I find some of them look really nice on some people but I can imagine them being very drying on my lips. I was not even that excited when Colourpop jumped on to the bandwagon and created the ultra matte liquid lipstick which was a huge hit due to the affordable price and a lot of shades. 

Bumble worn full coverage

Bumble blotted

Bumble after 6 hour wear

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip comes in a simple lip gloss packaging with doe foot applicator. I like the packaging  as it is simple, functional and not tacky looking. 

Out of many shades available, I opted for Bumble as I wanted something I haven't had before and definitely not red. I was rather surprised when I first swatched Bumble, because the color seemed much darker in real life. I thought it would be a nice light terracotta shade, but it ended up being 2 tones darker and leans more brownish which is not bad, just not what I expected. 

Texture wise, Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip is relatively lightweight. It glides on smoothly and takes just few seconds to set. Once set, it doesn't move around. The finish is true matte with no sheen whatsoever. It is of course drying but I don't expect a liquid matte lipstick to be hydrating either. So, I usually apply lip balm before I do my make up, wipe the excess after my make up is done and then apply the liquid lipstick. It really helps to prepare the lips beforehand so the liquid lipstick will apply smoother too. 
This Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip is also transfer free once it's set. If you dislike lipsticks that leave marks on the cup, glass or anything your lips touch, this one doesn't at all. 

The staying power is great, I got 8 hour straight with eating and drinking, as long as I don't eat something really greasy, it stays put. I doesn't crack when layered and I don't have any big issue wearing it all day long ( my lips are prone to chap and peel, but if I regularly apply clear lip balm on top , my lips survive xD ). 

Overall, a great product for $6. Do give it a try if you'd like to try the liquid lipstick trend.

PS : I am finally back in Berlin after 5 month stay in Jakarta. The weather is breezy and cool here which I like, autumn is finally coming woohoo! Bare with me if I don't post regularly this week because I need time to settle everything as my apartment is a huge mess at the moment. 


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