Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Rouge D'Enfer

Intro : Hi guys, I'm back from holiday! Sorry for the lack of posts during my time at home, but I've piled up some posts so I will post regularly from now on ^^

I received this lipstick from a friend of mine as Christmas gift, I love getting make up as presents even though my friends always say to me they're afraid to give me make up as gift since they don't know what I already have in my collection xD. 
But anyway, I don't mind having doubles, you can never have enough back ups, am I right? xD

My encounters with Guerlain have been great so far, so I had high expectation for this lipstick. And let me tell you it didn't let me down.

The lipstick is housed in such a hi tech packaging ( well, at least for my not so tech savvy mind ). The bullet doesn't have cap and instead you get a slider - pull down - push out packaging ( Oh please mind my poor explanation xD ) which is a good news if you belong to a group of women who constantly lose the lipsticks' caps inside the hand bag and end up having lipstick marks all over your precious hand bag 's lining ( story of my life ). 

Okay, enough talking about the packaging, let's talk about the product. The lipstick has creamy - moist and smooth consistency which is my fave kind of consistency when it comes to lip product. The pigmentation is pretty bold for a lipstick with moist texture but maybe it is because of the red shade. I can imagine the lighter shades being more sheer. It is moisturizing yet long lasting which is a plus point. It is very comfortable on the lips, just the perfect texture. It also doesn't bleed or feather and I don't think a lip liner is a must. It applies smoothly and doesn't tug my lips. The formula reminds me of a little bit of the Tom Ford lipsticks, only this one from Guerlain feels more moist and emollient in texture. The staying power is above average esp for the formula, I got 5 hour wear with minor drinking. 

I was given the shade #121 Rouge D'Enfer which is a bright blue toned raspberry red. I know I have too many red lippies but this one is different I swear :P

The lipstick has subtle vanilla and floral scent , I really like the scent that I secretly wish Guerlain had the scent bottled as perfume.

Overall, good job Guerlain!

Have you tried any lippies from Guerlain?

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