Saturday, 14 March 2015

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo

I bought this brand new blusher / bronzer duo from Illamasqua from a blog sale for amazing €5 woohoo!

The duo contains 1 matte blush and 1 bronzer. The packaging is sturdy but rather bulky. The compact is really big and thick which is unnecessary imo. My first impression with the duo was : wow it is darn pigmented!! The swatches above were both only 1 swipe, no layer. So you get the picture on how pigmented they are. 
The powder itself is finely milled, smooth and velvety to touch. They are not powdery despite of the high pigmentation. It takes a bit effort to blend both shades as they are very bold. I prefer to use powder brush with sparse bristles to sheer it down.
The duo contains 2 shades, 1 matte medium rose shade and 1 coppery bronzy shade. I personally can't imagine wearing the bronzy shade as bronzer as it will definitely turn me into Oompa Loompa but it works as nice reddish toned eye shadow though if you fancy wearing reddish eye shadow. 

Overall, I think this duo will be great for people with deeper complexion or as stage make up due to its very bold pigmentation. The staying power is impressive but I don't reach for it often because the risk of overblush is too high xDD

Have you tried anything from Illamasqua?


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