Monday, 16 March 2015

Kate Kanebo Liquid Rouge

I have to admit that I bought these lippies just because there was a buy 1 get 1 promo at the local drugstore during my trip to Asia. My encounters with Kate Kanebo have been great so far, that's why I didn't hesitate to buy these two even though there weren't any testers available. Unfortunately this time it is a different story..



So let me start with how sheer they are. They barely have any pigmentation despite of the okay look on the hand swatch, they barely give any color once applied on the lips. Since all the description on the packaging is written in Japanese, I can't really find out whether these lip glosses ( or liquid rouge as its name advised ) are meant to be sheer. A little research on the internet led me to Kate Kanebo website which describes the liquid rouge to be good in coloration and fade resistance. It is supposed to create full and contoured lips. Do I agree? Sadly not.
I picked up the shade OR-1 and RD-1. OR-1 is a actually pretty peachy orange and RD-1 is a watermelon red with very very subtle gold shimmers. They both swatch pretty on my hands but barely give any color to my lips. Maybe it is because of my lips natural pigment? But I have to say that my bare lips are not extra ordinarily pigmented , they are just normal , so they shouldn't be an issue why these lip glosses don't work. They also don't apply smoothly and rather patchy so I have problem making them looking even on the lips. 
The formula though is quite pleasant. It is a bit sticky but feels lightweight , definitely feels and seems like a lip gloss, nothing screams liquid rouge to me. 

On the other note, the packaging is quite nice. It sticks to the brand image of Kate Kanebo and matches other design from the brand's other products. Only the rubber silicon-y applicator is not functioning well and maybe it is one factor why it is difficult to apply.

Have you tried anything from Kate Kanebo? Or any recent let down you've tried or purchased?

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