Monday, 2 March 2015

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup

Remember I once mentioned that there are only 6 shades of the new Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Make Up available for the German market compare to 22 shades available in the UK and US?? The lightest shade available : 3c2 - Fresco was on a glimpse a tad too dark for my complexion. But as I was very eager to try this particular foundation after a series of positive reviews, so I went to Estee Lauder counter and asked the BA to apply the lightest shade on my face. Guess what? It turned out well. *yay*

Compare to other foundations I own, Fresco does look a bit darker, but trust me it turns out okay on my complexion. Fresco is very beige and natural toned, so it is lacking in yellowness which I usually prefer to counter my redness. So I usually set the foundation with yellow toned setting powder to balance the color. 

After - Before

Estee Lauder claims the foundation as breakthrough make up infused with anti aging serum technology ( Well YSL says hello! :p ) and it is supposed to brighten up the complexion, reduces the look of lines, creates radiant finish and suitable for all skin types.  Does it fulfill the claims? Let me break it down to you. 

The foundation has thin creamy consistency, a bit watery but not runny. The texture is smooth and applies beautifully. It has slightly powdery touch to it. It provides nice sheer medium to solid medium coverage without being cakey or too much. The finish is semi matte and a tad powdery. It also slightly blurs out the imperfections and minimizes the appearance of large pores ( you may zoom my cheek areas and see how small my huge pores look like :D ). But unfortunately after 3-4 hours, it tends to settle into my dry patches and mostly around my nose area and accentuates my facial hair which is a total let down for my combination skin because I can't put on too much moisturizer beforehand otherwise I'll look too greasy. It is such a shame because I really like the finish right upon application, and it photographs really well. Too bad that the flawless finish only stays for 3-4 hours before it starts to mess up. That being sad, I do think it will work better for people with no dry patches or facial hair ( read : people with flawless and problem less skin ).

In a nutshell, this foundation reminds me very much of the ByTerry Teint Delectation from the texture, coverage, shade and even the shea butter-nutty scent is very similar. Fortunately, this one from Estee Lauder doesn't turn my face into oily mess in few hours like the ByTerry does. But , on the other hand, the tendency to settle into dry patches and accentuate facial hair is not a good feature.

Overall, I still continue using this foundation only when my skin is behaving well and my dry patches are not very noticeable because it is just too pity not to be used. But, to be honest, I don't really get why this particular foundation gets so much love because in my opinion it is just plain ordinary.

What is your current favorite foundation ?

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