Saturday, 21 March 2015

LORAC Pro Palette

If there is one eye shadow palette I'd been lusting over for so long , it was the Lorac Pro Palette. I once ordered it from Amazonglobal but my order got lost on the way, they refunded my money though, but I couldn't be bothered to re order it. Finally my sister managed to get it for me, ordering from a local online shop in Indonesia. 
Unfortunately, I must say, I am a bit underwhelmed by it :/

I think, the main reason why I feel a bit underwhelmed by it, is because I expected too much. So many people raved about this palette and based on online swatches, I must say the shades all look so pretty and wearable and indeed they are ( esp the coppery red shade ; Garnet. Major love ) . But once I got to play with it, I just find the formula a bit difficult to work with. The shadows are a tad too powdery and ( too pigmented? ) that I get the feeling I need to be extremely careful with them. I am not a fan of the packaging either. The matte black palette tends to get dirty easily because of the dust from the shadows. The shadow squares are also too small for my preference , so it is difficult to swipe my eye shadow brush on them without making the palette messy. The eye shadows are very intense and smooth - they are bordering creamy. They blend smoothly though, and I am not saying they are bad, I just think I expected too much. Oh, and they are so fragile. I have dropped my UD Naked palette and itcosmetics Naturally Pretty palette few times and they are fine, but I can imagine even the slightest shake will break this one.   

I've been playing around with this palette for the past 2 weeks and I use it almost every day. I kind of like it because the shades are all neutral and easy to wear but I don't know.. I am just not really impressed. I like it but I don't love it and I can't really pinpoint what's wrong with this palette. I don't get the wow effect I got from the itcosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

Overall, despite of my indecisive opinion, I still use this palette on daily basis and I still think it is one palette you should consider getting if you haven't had any neutral toned eye shadow palette. But is it a must have? I don't think so..


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