Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer

You know what, I have few make up Godess whose reviews I blindly trust, one of them is Lisa Eldrigde. So when I saw Lisa using this primer a lot and mentioned it in one of her videos as alternative for a very light foundation, I was sold. Then later, this review from Karima just made me order it the minute after I finished reading the post ( true story ). 

To be honest, I was not particularly in a hunt for a face primer, but as a 'base product a.k.a foundation junkie' , I just couldn't miss this. A face primer is always a good idea, and a tinted primer with blurring effect?? Yes please!
The primer comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which is practical for traveling but not the best idea for such an expensive primer imo.. The primer costs €52 for 30 ml and this kind of plastic bottle won't let me get the last drop of the primer like a squeeze tube would do. The bottle comes with a pump which is good but not really necessary.
The primer itself has hybrid texture. It feels like something between liquid foundation and regular face primer ( read : Benefit Porefessional or Too Faced Poreless Primer ). However, I wouldn't agree with Lisa in terms of the coverage as it is very very sheer and barely visible. I doubt the coverage will be sufficient as 'lighter foundation' even if you are blessed with great skin.. ( except you have a flawless skin like those photoshoped celebrity pictures in magazines ).
I got this primer in shade #light. A lot of people mentioned it to be slightly too dark for people with lighter complexions but as the coverage is very sheer, I don't think it really matters.
Regarding its function as primer, it does its job quite well. The sheer pigmentation helps to reduce the 'task' of foundation as it already 'corrects' the uneven pigmentation or redness that I have. I wouldn't say the coverage is enough as foundation's substitute but it does help to provide a slightly more flawless base. In terms of longevity, I didn't notice that it prolonged the wear of my foundation, but I did notice that it made foundation applies smoother and that it helped to create a very subtle but visible natural yet flawless finish that foundation alone wouldn't be able to achieve. I noticed that the finish of my foundation was different with or without this one, and I prefer the finish with this primer.
However, the heavy price tag is a huge put off for me. This primer is one great product but it is- to be honest- not groundbreaking enough for the price . It is nice to have and such a pleasant to wear, but I don't think I would repurchase..

Have you ever tried anything from the brand? What is your current favourite face primer?


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