Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

I did my Sephora order recently since now Sephora US ships to Germany ( my long awaited prayer answered by the make up Goddess. lol! ) and 90% of my order consisted of Hourglass products. One of them is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. 

This particular primer from Hourglass is so hyped and so loved by a lot of people, so I decided to give it a try. Good that Sephora has the smaller version of it, perfect to try out and also way cheaper than the original size at $52.
The primer comes in a small glass bottle with a pump. The packaging is very nice and the pump is a plus, but to be honest, I prefer to have primer in a squeeze tube so I can literally use it till the last drop. But since this primer has a very liquid consistency, I think maybe the pump is better suited.
The primer has a liquid texture, it does feel silicony like Porefessional or Too Faced Prime & Poreless. It glides on smoothly and my skin feels mattified and velvety afterwards, the same feeling you get with other silicon based primer.
One thing I noticed is that this primer will not work with any moisturizer or sun screen. Everytime I apply moisturizer or sunscreen beforehand ( even after I wait few minutes for it to completely sunk in ), it just won't apply smoothly. It crumbles ( yes literally!). It is difficult for me to explain, so let me insert a pict here.

I did try this primer without anything beforehand, and yes it applied smoothly. But it interrupted my foundation. It made the foundation appear cakey and when I set the foundation with powder, the powder would move around and cake up into tiny little gloopy particles, sooooo horrible! It was a nightmare! I tried several different foundation from liquid, powder to cream and this one just wouldn't cooperate. I don't get it why a lot of people are in love with this primer.

Okay, maybe I am the only case, or maybe I received a 'failed' product? I have no idea. But I just can't cooperate with this primer, unfortunately.. :(

Have you tried this primer from Hourglass? What is your HG primer?

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