Saturday, 23 August 2014

Marc Jacobs Lip Gel

I was so excited to find a full display of Marc Jacobs beauty at Sephora Singapore on my trip in May. But the prices at Sephora Singapore didn't really excite me so I ended up only buying one lipstick, which sadly was a wrong shade for me :(

I picked the shade #218 which is a very very frosty peachy pink. It swatches pretty on hand but applied awfully on the lips. The formula was packed with glitters that felt very uncomfortable on the lips ( like a worse version of glittery Revlon Lip Butter ). It didn't apply very smoothly and had tendency to tug on the lips, so I usually applied lip balm underneath.
The pigmentation was rather sheer so I needed to apply more layers to get the color to show up. The color didn't actually look that bad from far away, but if you see it close up , uh-huh girl no wayyy.  It set into lip lines and accentuated every dry patches I had on my lips. It was not hydrating either and my lips felt very dry after wearing this lipstick for awhile. 
The lipstick wasn't strongly scented, just a light subtle scent.
One positive thing about this product is the packaging. The bullet is beautifully made and sturdy, love. 

After reading some reviews on the internet, I thought maybe I just picked up the wrong shade as this lipstick has actually received a lot of positive reviews. I am not sure whether I would give it another chance and get another 'safer' shade, but as now Sephora US does ship to Germany, the possibility is high xD

Have you tried anything from Marc Jacobs make up line?

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