Monday, 17 February 2014

The Battle of Eyeliners

I wear black eye liner every single day. I just can't do without eye liner, it feels like my eyes are so naked without eye liner. But finding the perfect eye liner is not easy especially because I have watery eyes and oily lids. That being said, I have collected quite a few eye liners during my make up journey. I'm going to break down all the liquid eye liner I have on my stash on this post. 

Essence liquid eyeliner - catrice - Heroine - Rimmel - Essence eyeliner pen - Kiko

Essence Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - It used to be my favorite eye liner, because it is so waterproof and it stays all day long. The applicator is also easy to use.. But after awhile, my eyes started to badly react to this liner. My eyes always water so bad every time I have this on so now I stop using this eye liner. 

Catrice Liquid Eye Liner - My recent eye liner purchase. The applicator is so thin and easy to apply. It stays on the whole day and doesn't smudge which is a huge plus point. But the applicator doesn't really pick up a lot of product so I have to layer it to get the opacity I want. But other than that, I enjoy using this eye liner very much.

Kiss Me Heroine Pen Eye Liner - I got this pen eye liner on my swap with Sharlynn from the blackmentosbeautybox and I looooove love this eye liner. The pen form makes it very easy to use and handy to carry inside my make up bag. It is also perfect for touch up. It stays the whole day but it takes awhile to completely set so I have to be a little careful not to blink in first 15-20 seconds.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Pen Eye Liner - Since I am a huge fan of the pencil version of this scandalous eye liner range, I decided to give the sister a try. Man it is a huge disappointment. It is very dry and barely pigmented. The tip is a hard so it tugs on my lids and applying it, is a bit pain. It smudges like 30 minutes  after application so a big no no.

Essence Eye Liner Pen - I actually like this one, only it smudges very easily and not waterproof at all though it claims to be waterproof. The packaging and the applicator are good though and it is good pigmented. 

Kiko Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen - One of my favorite pen eye liner. It doesn't claim to be waterproof but it is very long lasting. The tip applicator is good and not too stiff/hard. The pigmentation is good and it sets very fast. 

Do you wear liquid / pen eyeliner on daily basis ? what is your HG liquid / pen eye liner?


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