Saturday, 8 February 2014

KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick Set

Kiko is slowly becoming my favorite brand for the lower end price segment. I love how they package and present their products not in a cheap / drugstore way even though they are on the same price segment like the drugstore.
I recently purchased this lipstick set from Kiko store, the set was part of a limited edition and contained 5 full size lipsticks. The good thing was that it was on sale for 50% off from 17€ to 8,5€.. How could I say no?? ( yes, thank you for being so understanding... )

The lipsticks all come in full size, packaged in a limited edition box and limited edition lipstick bullets. The bullets are pearly white. I am not really a fan of the white bullets but they are sturdy and well made. 

I really like the color selection they put together on this set. From nude, peach, pink until red, you have them all in one set. 

#821 is a peach based nude color. It is a very nice nude , not too pale against my complexion.

#822 is a medium coral pink , my favorite shade out of the bunch because it is very wearable and flattering against my complexion

#823 is a chili red shade. But due to its sheer finish , it is wearable for daily basis. Perfect if you want to wear red but not wanting to be too bold.

#824 is a orangey apricot shade. I love this shade as well though it makes my complexion looking a bit 'dull'.

#825 is my least favorite shade. It is a true barbie pink with a lot of blue hint, very Jersey Shore like.

If you like Revlon Lip Butters, you are going to love these lipsticks. They are very similar in texture and finish. I am unfortunately not a fan of the revlon lip butters so my opinion on these lippies are a bit biased. I don't really like how they feel a bit flakey and glittery even though you can't really see any glitters on the finish. They are not drying even though they also don't promise to be hydrating. The staying power is good, I got 4 hours wear with minor drinking. 
But they don't feel comfortable on my lips. It feels like I have lip balm on with bread crumbs sticking all over it, the exact way I feel about the revlon lip butters. 

Overall, I don't hate them but I don't love them either. It is nice to have them on my stash but I wouldn't repurchase if I ever ran out of them. But if you like revlon lip butters, I am sure you will like these ones as well..


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