Friday, 28 February 2014


I am not blessed with bold and well shaped brows. My brows are so messy and sparse so I always have to shape it and draw my brows in the morning. 
I used to always go to Benefit Brow bar once in a month but I stopped going there once I found a cold wax strip from Rossmann which is amazing and cheap in comparison to Benefit Brow bar. My brow routine in the morning consists of defining the line with eye brow pencil, fill it in with matte eye shadow and set it with brow gel / mascara. 
While I was browsing my usual drugstore alley, I found the display of the new Maybelline Browdrama eye brow mascara , and since I was running out of my Alverde Brow Gel, I decided to give the Maybelline one a try.

The wand has pretty unique shape. It reminds me of the cleanser that you can use to clean bottles. But I think the wand makes the application a bit easier in comparison to the normal brow gel wand. 
For some people with bold brows, maybe they can get away with only setting their brows with this mascara, but for people with sparse brows like mine, this mascara alone is unfortunately not enough. But as setting purpose, it does its job incredibly well. Man it stays the whole day, gives a natural finish and doesn't make my brows crisp and dry. 

So here is how my brows look like, only with this mascara :

And how it looks like with my complete routine : eye brow pencil, eye shadow, and brow mascara :

waaaay better, isn't it?

Overall, I think this brow mascara does its job pretty well for its price. It retails for 5,65€ and you get 7,6ml of product. I love the fact that it is tinted so it doesn't only set my brows but gives a bit of color as well.

Do you use brow gel / mascara? What is your favorite?

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