Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lucky number 37

I love stick eye shadows in general because of the ease of application and how they usually tend to stay longer than the powder eye shadows. They perform well as base too so I like how versatile they are..
I have written a review about the eye shadow stick from Kiko here. And I just recently purchased another shade.. 

Number 37 or Burgundy is a true burgundy shade with a hint of plum. Unlike the other 2 shades I have reviewed ( #5 and #7 ) doesn't have any glitter particles. Burgundy has sheen-satin finish which I personally prefer because the glitters at #5 and #7 could be a bit chunky sometimes. Burgundy performs better as base as well. 

Despite of the name ; Burgundy, I was surprised how it looks very red on the lids. On the hand swatch, it looks more plum. I personally love the color but it takes more blending on the lids to make it more wearable. Quality wise, Burgundy applies a bit smoother than #5 and #7. I believe mainly because of the non glitter texture. It is creamy without being slippery. It sets quite fast though, so make sure you blend it right away after application.


The retractable form is convenient because you don't have to sharpen it. And I like the matte black packaging. Kiko products always look sleek and professional.
For €6,90 this is a lovely alternative to the high end ones. Do give it a try if you have Kiko in your near.

Do you have anything from Kiko?

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