Saturday, 22 February 2014


After the long wait, my Naked 3 order is finally arrived. I first ordered mine in December from but my order went missing which is so annoying since it was meant to be my christmas present from myself to myself. lol. But HQHair refunded my money in form of store credit which means that I have to wait until the NAKED 3 was back in stock on their website ( the palette was constantly sold out ). So I finally managed to place an order on time when it was back on stock and paid €2,80 more for tracking shipping. My 2nd order arrived within 4 days.  

flashed camera


I will not write much about the palette in terms of quality as most of you are surely familiar with the Urban Decay eye shadows.  All shades are pigmented, buttery smooth and minimal fall out with the exception of Dust which is a bit too glittery and flakey. 
I also have the Naked 2 palette and I must say that I already prefer this Naked 3 in comparison to the 2nd one. Mainly because the shades in Naked 3 are rose tinted and warmer and more flattering against my complexion. The Naked 2 can be a bit too shimmery and cool toned and tbh I don't really reach for it that often recently. 
The Naked 3 also has 3 matte shades which make the palette a better alternative than the second one. The tin case is well made and sturdy with a huge built in mirror. The dual ended synthetic brush is impeccable and performs very well. 

To make the review less boring, I created some FOTDs using this palette, be prepared to see a lot of me me me :p

Buzz + Burnout + Nooner

Strength +Mugshot + Darkside + Factory

Strength + Limit + Nooner

Dust + Trick + Factory

I like how I can create a lot of looks using this palette, from matte to shimmery to smokey look. It is perfect for traveling where you want to be able to create a lot of looks. It is rare for me to love literally every single shade in a palette, but I just can't choose which shade is my favorite. I've been loving this palette  and I've been playing with it every day this past week. 

What do you think of this Naked 3? Are you also tempted to get it? 
Which look do you like the best?

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