Saturday, 21 September 2013

Products I Regret Buying

As an impulsive person ( read : shopper ), it happens to me a lot that I buy things without thinking or researching about it first. So I have quite a list of products I regret buying. But I have recently sold them on a blogsale so here are the things that are still on the list :

MAC Plumful Lipstick - I know a lot of people love MAC lipsticks and this particular shade. But I just don't have enough luck with MAC lipsticks. I have tried some shades, from different kind of finish, but still I don't feel comfortable wearing them. Plumful was my last attempt to befriend with MAC lipstick, but still it failed. The shade is pretty I admit, but the formula is just not my preference.

Shu Uemura ft Karl Lagerfeld eye shadow palette - I bought it mainly because of the packaging and I thought it was such a nice collector item. It is a nice palette but the formula is not groundbreaking. I have seen another brands doing better job. The price is not cheap, so I expected excellent quality which is not the case for this one. I am still happy to have it on my dressing table but I wish I did more research about it before I bought it. 

Manhattan Glossy Lip Balm and KIKO Kiss Balm - Both have same problem ; too slippery and not moisturizing enough for a 'tinted lip balm' .

Essence Me & My Ice Cream Shimmer Pearls - I have only worn it once since I bought it because I am clueless on how to wear it the right way. It is a bit too 'pearly' as finishing powder and too 'matte' as highlighter. A lot of people like it but I just don't get the concept. 

ESSIE nail polish Tart Deco - I expected it to be more 'pastel' and less 'neon', but on my nails, it is a bit too neon for my liking. The formula is also such a hassle to apply, very gloopy and thick and streaky. It is such a popular shade so I thought it would be very nice, unfortunately not for me.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - too greasy for my combination skin. The shimmers are visible on my face so I look like disco ball wearing this foundation. It would be best for people with dry to normal skin I guess.

Do you have products you wish you didn't buy?

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