Tuesday, 3 September 2013

DIOR Forever Flawless Foundation Compare to DIOR Nudeskin Foundation

Warning : This post is going to be a very looooong about in depth review and comparison, grab some popcorn! 

I ran out of my holy grail high end foundation, Guerlain Lingerie de Peau which is very very sad because I love the foundation so much T.T
As much as I wanted to repurchase Lingerie de Peau, I also wanted to try on other high end foundation and also to give my skin a bit of a break from Lingerie de Peau, because somehow, after using a product so constantly, our skin get used to it and it is no longer having amazing effect to our skin. Does it also happen to anyone of you?

So I did some researched on the internet and the 2 foundations from DIOR caught my interest the most. Good luck that I have a friend working for DIOR beauty counter so he gave me 2 little pots of Dior Forever Flawless(FS) and Nudeskin(NS) so I can try them on and see which one suits my skin's needs the most. Below are pictures where you can see both foundations worn.

Both foundations in shade 23

From how they look on my skin, I honestly can't really tell the difference. I asked my boyfriend and some of my friends if they can see any difference and none of them can -__-. But I do feel after few hours that FF stays on better than NS. Based on the texture, NS is thicker and a bit more difficult to blend while FF is very liquidy and easy to blend. A lot of people say that NS has more glowy finish while FF has matte finish, which I can't really confirm because on my skin, both foundations look kind of glowy , I'd say semi matte. On coverage, FF has buildable medium to full coverage and NS has sheer to medium coverage. FF has SPF 25 and NS has only SPF 10, so FF has more plus points for me, thus I decided to go with Forever Flawless after a week of trying both foundations. 

Dior Forever Flawless Foundation comes in a very high end packaging. It is a matte glass bottle with a pump spender that dispenses the right amount of product. The bottle is very weighty and well made, It is not really travel friendly as it is kind of heavy and it might break, but it looks so beautiful and I can almost justify the purchase based on the packaging alone.

My shade is number 23 - peach. The color has more neutral / beige undertone which I like. It is the perfect shade for me at the moment, it darkens a little bit once it's settled but nothing very noticeable. The texture is liquidy, a bit runny but it makes the foundation blends easier than Nudeskin. It is subtly scented, typical high end foundation and the scent it very pleasant. 

Forever Flawless has medium to full coverage, very buildable. It has semi matte finish but still allows my natural skin to glow without being oily. It covers up my imperfections well and concealer is not necessary when I'm in hurry. My rednesses and blemishes are covered beautifully without being blotchy or flakey. Despite of the medium to full coverage, this foundation looks very natural and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  The staying power is also above average. I notice that it only starts to fade after good 7-8 hours. 

One downside is, I can see that the foundation can settle to dry patches a bit. So make sure to moisturize well beforehand. It is not really a problem for my combination-oily skin, but people with dry skin might like NudeSkin better. 

Overall, if I had to choose between this foundation and lingerie de peau, I'd pick lingerie de peau. But that doesn't mean this one from DIOR is not good, only I feel like this foundation is lacking its 'luxury-high end effect'. The finish that I got from this foundation is only slightly better than my recent HG drugstore foundation Bourjois Healthy mix serum. With Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, the high end and expensive feeling was very noticeable. I would still recommend this foundation for people with normal-oily skin type. If you have dry-normal skin then you might enjoy Nude Skin more. This is nonetheless a very well made foundation, but I'm not sure if it's worth the 46€ / 30ml price tag. 


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