Sunday, 1 September 2013

Floral Grunge

It is a bit late for me to review this blush as the limited edition display is already long gone from the drugstore. But as most of my readers are international, and I believe the collection is not yet worldwide available, so I think I'll review it anyway. 
The blush was part of the Floral Grunge collection which was launched in May 2013. 

The blush comes in a simple plastic-acrylic packaging, very plain but sleek imho. The pot is well made and weighty, doesn't feel cheap at all.

The blush is a baby coral shade. It is the perfect marriage between baby pink and coral. The color is unique and I bought it because I didn't have similar shade in my collection yet.
The texture is amazing. It is soft, smooth, velvety and not powdery, every good things you expect from high end blush, actually. The fact that this blush is a drugstore product and costs only 3,49€ makes it even better. The pigmentation is great, not over the top so it is foolproof. It gives such a natural finish on the cheeks, semi matte finish and it looks so pretty and perfect for everyday use. I think this blush will compliment lighter complexion better because the color is a bit pale.
The staying power is also above average. It only starts to fade after 6-7 hours. 

This blush has been a staple for my every day routine, such a nice shade that goes with any kind of look. If Essence is available where you live, and this LE collection has not yet come to your drugstore, keep your eyes opened because it is such a steal!


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