Monday, 23 September 2013

Öl Magique

I rarely do any review for hair product mainly because I don't have that many hair care products ( in comparison to make up or skin care ) and also because my hair is very low maintenance. But this time I'll dedicate a full post for this particular hair oil.
L'oreal Paris Elvital Öl Magique ( or L'oreal paris elvive extraordinary oil in some countries ) is a hair oil that can be used for various purposes such as hair mask, hair smoother, heat protector, to give shine to dry hair, or even to be mixed with shampoo.
I got a small tester of this oil from magazine and I loved it the 1st time I used it so I picked up the full size bottle for 8,95€ / 100ml

First of all, I like to give plus point to the packaging. The bottle is well made and sturdy and the pump spender works really well. Nice packaging for drugstore product.

The oil has quite runny consistency. It is definitely not greasy and it has a silicon 'matte-powdery feeling' when you rub it on your hands ( If you are familiar with Benefit Porefessional, you know what I'm talking about ). I apply this oil regularly on my hair ends after I wash my hair. It absorbs really fast and doesn't leave oily residue. My hair doesn't feel greasy at all even though I have oily hair. This oil makes my hair smoother and feels like silk. One thing I noticed after 3 months of using this oil is that it helps to avoid split ends. I used to have problems with split ends since I often use flat or curling iron , but after this oil, everything's changed. My hair feels healthier and smoother and shinier ( not in oily way ) which is impressive since I color my hair once in a month so my hair is actually 'cursed' to be dry and damage but it is not. And it really reduces the appearance of split ends. 

The oil also has gorgeous scent. The scent is very 'high end like' and it stays on pretty well. A lot of people say this oil is packed with silicon, hence the 'smooth and silky' effect but I don't really care as long as it does good things to my hair. I've been using this oil for the past 3 months and my hair condition has improved a lot. I have before used Caudalie Hui Divine oil which is more expensive than this one but it did nothing to my hair. So I'll definitely repurchase this one from L'oreal , it is indeed holy grail material for me.

Do you use hair oil? what is your favorite?

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