Sunday, 15 September 2013


This NARS Blush in Amour was the only thing I bought from the big Sephora Store in Champ Elysees on my recent trip to Paris. I was über excited to see a big Sephora but was very disappointed once I got inside. It was very crowded, the staffs were all busy and the testers were dirty and unorganized, so all the excitement just went away.
90% of the brands they carry are available in Germany so I went straight to brands that are not available in my country like Urban Decay, NARS, Too Faced, MUFE and Sephora own make up line. I wanted to see the famous Sephora black pencil eyeliner but the counter was soooo full I just couldn't be bother. There were nothing interesting as well at UD, Too Faced and MUFE counters ( which were so full as well ) so I headed straight to NARS which was miraculously empty. I did some swatches of the blushes and asked my bf to choose the color , he chose Amour so there it went to my shopping basket.

Packaging wise, I like the sleek black case. It's thin and compact, very simple and it has built in mirror with decent size so it's good for traveling. It is well made and weighs well on my hand grip. Only the rubber surface gets dirty very easy, it annoys me -.-

Amour is a matte warm rose pink with a very very slightly hint of peach.  NARS describes it as peachy pink but I think it leans more to rosy pink rather than peachy pink. It could appear quite 'red' as well. The texture is very soft but it is a little bit dry, the powder is finely milled though, not powdery at all. The blush is highly pigmented so be careful not to apply too much product. It needs a bit more blending because of the slightly dry texture but it gives a pretty flushed on the cheeks. The staying power is rather average I'd say. It stays on for 4-5 hours before starting to fade ( I get 7-8 hours with Burberry blushes ). The overall quality of the blush reminds me a lot of MAC blushes.

For the price ; 30€ / 4,8gr of product, I expected it to have excellent quality and a 'wow factor'. This blush from NARS is no doubt a great product, but it is very expensive. MAC blushes retail for 23,50€ / 6gr and Burberry blushes retail for 38€ / 7gr of product. That makes NARS the most expensive if we divide it per gramm. I'd rather pay 8€ more for Burberry blushes, get more product, better packaging, and better quality. 
I am happy with this purchase but the best blushes I have are still the ones from Burberry.

Do you have NARS blushes? Which shade is your favorite?


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